Books to Read in February

SHE REGRETS NOTHING BY ANDREA DUNLOP A freshly orphaned 23-year-old from Michigan is taken in by her affluent, influential New York cousins and uncovers a treasure trove of secrets, including the reason why she and her mother became estranged from her father’s...

What are the Studs on Jeans

Blue jeans are about as American as apple pie. While many can argue why their personal favorite is the greatest pair that ever was, few know the history behind the go-to wardrobe essential. Everyone from cowboys to crooners like Bing Crosby wore jeans in the 19th and...

How to UnShrink These Types of Clothing

So we know why our clothes shrink and how to avoid this tragedy, but what about when the damage has already been done? You spent more than you’d like to admit on those jeans—there has to be a way to reverse this, right? Well, technically you can’t...
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