Mexico is unapologetic in its love for bright, vividly coloured patterns, prints and textiles found throughout its traditional clothing and culture. Mexican fashion, especially women’s fashion, is full of fun motifs and bright colours, reminiscent of the culture’s signature style.

Traditional clothing styles worn by women in Mexico have enjoyed trend-setting status for years, informing summer trends on an annual basis without fail. Off-the-shoulder tops and frilled dresses with a Mexican influence have a place at not only a Mexican fiesta but also in our daily style inspiration. Not to mention the countless Mexican designers that use their culture to inspire fashion-forward and vibrant……

What are the different types of Mexican dress?

Mexican clothes all share an appreciation for strong colour and beautiful craftsmanship, and there are a number of common traditional Mexican clothing choices that make up Mexican fashion.

The clothing of the Tehuana

The women of Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec have achieved world renown for their colourful traditional dress, which was famously adopted by the artist Frida Kahlo. Widely represented in the popular media, Tehuanas were admired for their flamboyant style of dress and today remain proud of their cultural identity.


Rebozos are multifunctional garments typically made of cotton, wool or silk, and are used to cover the head or body.


The huipil is a sleeveless, tunic-like garment. As with many other cultures that use garments to identify their specific areas of origin, the distinctive design on a huipil can distinguish the community that the wearer belongs to.


Aztec clothing was often loose fitting and colourful. The array of colours used in the traditional garbs was due in part to the extensive trading network.

The influence of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo’s trademark way of simultaneously sporting beaded earrings, elaborate necklaces and floral headpieces encapsulates Mexico’s fun, maximalist approach to fashion. The 20th Century painters fashion has inspired many of Mexico’s current fashion designers (not to mention global designers).

Mexican Designers

Mexico City’s thriving contemporary art scene and creative community make it the perfect place for flourishing fashion and the country’s artisan tradition means that there is ample opportunity for top-quality pieces to be produced locally. Mexico might not be top-of-mind when thinking about the world’s fashion capitals, but it will soon very well be with the number of talented designers shaking and redefining the perception of Mexican fashion on an international level.

Kris Goyri

Interesting silhouettes, vibrant colours and minimal lines are what you’ll find in Kris Goyri’s designs.

Pineda Covalin

Dedicated to creating pieces that combine elements of indigenous Mexican and contemporary art, Pineda Covalin uses magnificent colours and patterns derived from Mexican motifs on flowy and contemporary designs.

Benito Santos

Benito Santos’ eponymous label is known and loved for its dramatic and elegant silhouettes. Santos has dressed some of the world’s most prestigious personalities and had the opportunity to dress Valentina from season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Alejandra Quesada

Flowing and feminine, bold and beautiful, Quesada’s pieces delight the eye with combinations of strong solids and playful prints. This young designer was a winner at Fashion Forward in 2013 and took part in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico.

Lydia Lavin

Lydia Lavin has an emphasis on preserving and promoting indigenous textiles and crafts. Lavin works directly with ten different artisan communities to explore and understand the importance of these fabrics and intricate patterns in Mexican culture.

Jesús de la Garsa

With vivid colors, beautiful metallics, and intricate fabrics, Jesús de la Garsa’s collections focused on the shapes and colours of the natural process.


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