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Cabo Pilates by Gaby Ibarra

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

It's time for me to come clean and confess that my commitment to my 2022 New Year's resolution to step up my fitness has been far from exemplary. Sure, I could blame it on not creating a plan, but that would be a lie. Did I lose my mojo and momentum perhaps? Those are all lame excuses, but here is the good news: today is a new day, and thankfully my friends at I.O. Domani have inspired me to get back on the road to fitness by turning me on to "Cabo Pilates by Gaby Ibarra".

I had forgotten that when striving to achieve a goal, it's extremely beneficial to ask for help. Whether it be from a coach, instructor, trainer, teacher or mentor, I've found that the motivation and guidance from these folks is paramount to reaching peak performance. Ask any elite athlete, and they will all credit a slew of these people for their success.

Owner and operator Gaby Ibarra is that person, she fosters and creates an environment where you are making incremental progress that is guaranteed to deliver results as long as you keep coming back. Full disclosure--Pilates is not a walk in the park. You will feel muscles in your body that you didn't even know existed-- which is precisely why it is worth the effort (no pain, no gain). The dividends Pilates yields to committed students pays handsomely.

According to Organized Jane, an avid Pilates enthusiast for years, Ibarra has the Midas touch. "I've taken Pilates classes in different countries and several major cities. Gaby is the greatest teacher I've ever had. She keeps the workout sessions fresh, and has the best equipment. Another big plus for me is that her studio is well organized and immaculate." Jane enthusiastically adds "I wish I could take her wherever I go." High praise indeed coming from none other than the queen of de-clutterization.

A gymnast since childhood, Ibarra not surprisingly was besieged by a plethora of injuries due to the nature of her elegant yet grueling sport. In her late 30's a debilitating back injury and subsequent weight gain as a result left her with a bout of depression. Not one to wallow in self pity, Ibarra took a course of action that would soon lead to her life's calling. "As a result of being incredibly active my whole life, my knees and back gave out. I knew I had to do something, and thank God I discovered Pilates when I was 37 years old. Within a few years I was stronger than ever, and my injuries had fully healed," Ibarra recalled.

After experiencing such a radical and remarkable transformation in her own health and fitness, Ibarra had an existential epiphany and decided to dedicate her life's work towards helping others suffering from injuries and those seeking to improve their overall health and fitness. "Because of how Pilates transformed my life, I felt compelled to share this gift with other people. I took several courses and obtained all of the teaching certifications for all of the categories." Ibarra said.

Making a living from a passion is a blessing few have attained. Ibarra's steadfast belief and dedication to her craft found her instructing Pilates classes at hotels, resorts and other studios 19 years ago. After honing her teaching skills and building up a large following, Ibarra launched her own studio in 2009, -- "Cabo Pilates by Gaby Ibarra".

The impetus for starting her own business was to gain further the autonomy and flexibility that comes with it. Moreover this highly sought after Pilates instructor is motivated on a daily basis to change the lives of others. Ibarra shares, "I love that I can change the quality of people's lives, and I am grateful that I have dedicated my career to help to reduce their pain. This fills my soul with great happiness and joy."

For more information please go to

Phone Number: (624) 129-9514

Studio Hours: Vary by Class and By appointment


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