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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Life is a funny thing. For my entire existence April 15th, was a dreaded date that essentially only provided fuel for the boogie man. (All apologies to those who happen to share tax day with the date of their birth). So when I was told that this day underwent a radical anxiety quelling name change to International Art Day and that the IRS lost out on this coveted slot on the calendar it was time to unveil a new canvas.

GREEN  by Luis Selem  |  Oil on Canvas
GREEN by Luis Selem | Oil on Canvas

Allow us to introduce you to Luciano Ginocchio, owner and operator of Ginocchio Galeria, located inside the Kohl Center in San Jose del Cabo. Ginocchio's DNA is rippled with artistic creativity intertwined with a helix of business acumen. That said, nature rode shotgun to nurture even as the child prodigy took his first and most formative steps inside the pleasant and enriching confines of the thriving family business. " I literally learned to crawl in my father's studio in Buenos Aires." Ginocchio gleefully effuses "I'm not joking, my parents even made a makeshift crib for me from the palettes that they used to ship the portraits." These days the Argentinian's stride is a smooth glide no more so than when he guided me through his studio. This congenial curator is a soft-spoken, articulate man who exudes an air of reassuring confidence while providing his patrons ample breathing room to take in all his gallery has to offer.

Luciano's father, Senor Ginocchio, widely regarded as a visionary in the Latin American artistic community, had a premonition in the 1980s that the art world would experience a renaissance enchanted by Latin American artists. Following that hunch, he forged his way north to Mexico. His instincts paid off tenfold in a country ripe with artistic heritage, diversity and an eclectic history. He first opened his Mexican studios in Mexico City. In 2018, he decided Cabo was the ideal location to open his next studio. and that his son was the only candidate he considered suited for the task at hand.

"I received an interesting phone call from my father. He was in a jovial mood and was telling me about this new project that was being built and that it had the perfect ambience and vibe for an art gallery. Luciano continues. "My father needed someone to open and operate the new venue and said that I would be the perfect man for the job. I've always been a man who believed in fate and destiny, you could say that this opportunity was serendipitous."

To be sure, it was serendipitous and indeed fortuitous that I had occasion to meet with Ginocchio only a few days shy of International Art Day at his gallery. (Quick side note -- for the sake of clarity-- my art education was halted in the fifth grade as a result of an overdue intervention from my fellow students and teacher at the time) Once inside Luciano's studio, I was pleasantly pleased that as an art novice I was able to correctly identify two Andy Warhol lithographs that adorned the west end wall of the galleria. Buoyed with a newfound sense of false confidence, I now considered myself to be a connoisseur of art. So naturally, I queried Luciano what type of dent in my wallet would the procurement of said artifacts leave? Without missing a beat the Argentine art dealer kindly informed me "Those Warhol's for example, that you really like, are at the low end of our price point selling in the neighborhood of $2000.00 USD. On the other end of the spectrum, some works sell for well above $100,000." The important thing to keep in mind is that art is a stable investment, as it appreciates, it's very rare that a work of art would go down in value from the original purchase price."

Ginocchio Galeria traditionally trades in the genre of Figurative-art. However, they are moving in the direction of diversifying their portfolio by adding geometric art acquisitions to satisfy the yearning of an emerging clientele.

On the horizon are two compelling exhibitions. The first will occur on Saturday, April 16th entitled Entropia. Ginocchio explains. "This is an interesting concept featuring an eclectic showing in downtown San Jose, which will explore several aspects of art and is also an opportunity to reach a new audience of people who may not have been exposed to art and all it has to offer."

At the end of the month on April 27, Ginocchio Galeria will proudly present “La pintura como objecto”, an exhibition featuring the latest work by Diego Rodarte. Rodarte focuses his visual practice on different technical supports, highlighting the exploration of painting 16 years of experience has led him to exhibit in various cities of the country and in foreign galleries, museums, and cultural centers. The showing will be catered by the renowned steakhouse Carbon Cabron. Luciano Ginocchio, like a patience sculptor, has single-handedly carved out his own niche in the ever- expanding art scene in Southern Baja California "Mexico has always been steeped with rich diversity when it comes to culture and the arts. I'm always excited and fortunate to ride the next wave."

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Phone: +52 (624) 247-5617


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