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Face Time at Cabo Medical Care

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

I've never been a morning person, yet I've always envied those people who are. That said, and I don't believe that I'm going out on too much of a limb when I declare that most of us upon awakening stumble their way to the lavatory. Now I must confess that in my case what comes next is always a mystery. I'm never fully convinced that I'm even awake. However I get right down to business. I bravely take a glance in the mirror and get right into my daily routine. Let's face it, what other choice does one have unless you happen to be here on holiday. I can honestly say that I've recently grown accustomed to seeing a scruffy cat slightly north of 50 in the mirror with a bedhead that could be mistaken for a bird's nest. Then there are the pair of puffy bloodshot eyes with matching dark circles underneath to round out my appearance. The long and short of this is that I can relate to what Bruce Springsteen espouses in his 1984 hit Dancing In The Dark "I check my look in the mirror, I want to change my clothes, my hair, my face."

I've been flirting with the idea of getting Botox for some time now because the face looking back at me in the mirror could benefit from a tune up. The thinking here is that Botox has recently become widely acceptable for both genders. Believe me-- all men-- want to put their best face forward, why else would we put cold steel to our cheeks every morning.

For the past year I've cautiously enquired of my lady friends in the know about who I should seek out for such a procedure. I was told repeatedly that Cabo Medical Care had a sterling reputation for high quality care.(Cabo Medical Care has been providing services since the late 1980s.) Alma Vazquez Lomas, M. D., is the resident physician and owner. Fortunately the good doctor is second to none when it comes to providing Aesthetic Treatments and products. She is fully certified in the use of Restylane, New-Fill, Botox and Mesotherapy. Dr Vazquez is not one to drag her feet and dutifully attends specialized seminars in order to keep up with an ever-evolving and complex field of cosmetic procedures. Like most people I'm a big proponent of continuing education, especially when it comes to matters of health and wellness.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Alma not long ago at her office in Cabo San Lucas. She is a dedicated and steadfast physician who started her career as a general practitioner. However for the past 20 years she has concentrated primarily on aesthetic medicine. Her specialty is rejuvenation facial and skin treatments from the neck up, for both men and women, she is second to none in her field of expertise. For the sake of transparency, I've yet to have undergone any aesthetic treatments. That said, I'm very comfortable with the idea of having a professional of Dr. Alma's ilk perform Botox procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on my face. After meeting and being educated by Dr. Alma I left her office with the conviction that these procedures, while not without a slight risk, will accomplish their objective while at the same time adding an extra step in my stride.

I was curious to find out how my fellow male peers felt about the road I've decided to embark on. I reached to my old and dear friend Frank Hamilton, a 54-year-old trial lawyer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hamilton began noticing that his wrinkles were taking shape and creasing his face in his late thirties. He unabashedly took a course of action that has handsomely turned back the hands of time. He began Botox injections on his 40th birthday. Hamilton has enjoyed very favorable results and had this to say. "People of my generation, men, in particular, have come to realize there’s no shame in taking good care of their appearance, especially, regarding their skin. Fortunately, I have a full head of hair and haven’t had to go through the agonizing prospect of premature male pattern baldness. My point is that my colleagues that are losing their hair would give anything if there was a way to reverse that curse."

I was also fascinated to learn that young people have taken to Botox injections as a preventative measure to stave off the affects of the aging process. According to model and actress Diana Wilson, who hails from Manhattan, Botox was a huge boost to her confidence. “ Preventative Botox is an excellent option for anyone in their mid-twenties, because of the fact that fine lines start to be noticeable at this age, if you can start having Botox before they develop into deeper wrinkles, it will be easier to keep looking young and have a glowing complexion later in life. There is a tremendous amount of pressure for models to have a youthful glow especially when it comes to the skin on our face and neck. Girls start modeling in their early teens. I'm 23 and realized that my career could be extended by taking preventative measures with Botox injections."

There you have it, folks, the verdict is in -- Botox facial rejuvenation is not limited to women, people of middle age or beyond; it's for everyone provided that you have a responsible doctor to supervise and monitor your procedures. We all want to start the day with enjoying our reflection and that is by putting our best face forward.

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*Cool Lifting Facials *Botox *Fillers *PDO Threads

*Enzyme Treatments *Cellulite Treatment

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